Skyward Sword 1 Year Anniversary and Digital Zelda!

Posted on November 20, 2012 by Emhave

I guess it’s official now, Skyward Sword has been out for a whole year. I’m probably speaking for everyone when I say this year has gone by extremely fast. Now that even the newest Zelda game is a year old, I think we can also all agree that it’s about time we need a new game, or at least a new game that we can look forward to… Anyway, did you do anything special for Skyward Sword’s anniversary? Leave a comment if you did! I, myself, am doing a little anniversary playthough, but I guess that’s the most regular thing to do.

Before I keep on rambling, let me move on to the other part of this post. This video was uploaded to Youtube just yesterday, by user , and it was sent to us by a fan. In this short film, Link travels through the “digital world” and battles various enemies as he is searching for Princess Zelda. It is very well made and sure must have taken a lot of work!

Also, Gangnam Style dancing Gorons… yes!

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    Anniversay Playthorugh

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