Lego Zelda Project Reaches 10,000 Supporters!

Posted on May 5, 2012 by Falcool

Just now, the Lego Zelda Project that I talked about in a recent post reached 10,000 supporters! That’s right, in only a few days they got more than a 1,000 new supporters! That means it’ll be reviewed by LEGO, so it might actually turn into real lego products! So what happens now? Well, for now, all we can do is to wait and see. Read more for more pictures and a video, explaining how the project works.

4 responses to “Lego Zelda Project Reaches 10,000 Supporters!”

  1. kevin says:

    how do i get these parts

  2. kram1032 says:

    Haha, great!
    Next thing to support: :)

  3. kram1032 says:

    Oh, and look: – Cuusoo to the 3Ds – Different approach to a Zelda Project. (Maybe they could combine them?)

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