Hello, ZE users. There are a few things to mention today in the world of Zelda news. First off, an album of remixed Zelda II music has just been released by Dj CUTMAN and SPAMTRON called Bagu and the Riverman. I don’t typically like remixes of video game music I’ve come to identify as nostalgic, but these remixes are good enough to make an exception. You can listen to five tracks on the website, however, the album comes with two bonus tracks that you can only obtain if you buy the album in full for $10.00.

Source – ScrewAttack.com

In other news, in an interview with Game Informer on the subject of voice acting in Zelda, Nintendo Executive Eiji Aonuma was stated to have said the following…

“I started working on the series not at the beginning but part-way through its history. I think because of that, early on I was more looking objectively at the series and how we could change small, individual elements within it, rather than looking at how the series should evolve. As time has passed – particularly in the last few years – I’ve started to think a lot more about how I can take the series and really make it my own Zelda and evolve it further. As Mr. Miyamoto has allowed me to take the reins on the Zelda series, ultimately that’s what I need to do. Perhaps some people will think it’s a little bit late for me to start thinking about that, but as time goes by, that’s becoming more of a theme in how I’m approaching the series.”

What does this mean for later Zelda titles? Do you think Mr. Aonuma intends for a radically different direction for the series, or will he stay closer to home? Would drastic changes ruin a series that’s been in place for so long, or would they help breathe new life into it? Discuss in the comments below!

Source – MyNintendoNews.

And that’s it from me. Weegee, out.

3 responses to “Zelda II Remix CD, Plus Aonuma Talking What’s Next in the Zelda Series”

  1. Link8150 says:

    Well if Aonuma plans on radical change I am a little nervous on what could happen. I am ready for voice acting in Zelda (Not for all characters), but if Nintendo changes things like going to first person or making it more futuristic then I'm scared.

  2. balloondude2 says:

    The beginning of the Title remix kills my ears

  3. RespectfulGlove says:

    Voice acting, if done correctly, would be a very good addition. Hell, I'd be fine if it was only in cutscenes, keeping text based dialog otherwise. I'm really hoping that Aonuma goes for something obscure like the Wind Waker or Majora's Mask. Something that goes off as either absolutely hated or absolutely beloved. I obviously don't want the chance of ever hating a Zelda game, but the games like Wind Waker and Majora's Mask, of which were dismissed for Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, have always held a special place in my heart as being my two favorite of the entire series. Skyward Sword's additions, in the mean time, were a very nice touch, but at the same time the game itself was too neutral compared to previous titles. It's like Majora's Mask's cousin trying to mimic Ocarina of Time: Excellent, but not as sharply "best" as I could hope for.

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